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This site presents timelines of significant events in history.

Click on the menu item "World Events" and select "Day by Day" to see a timeline showing day by day listings of current news.
The drop down menu option, "Hour by Hour", shows timelines derived from the RSS feeds of several major news suppliers. Judicious use of the timeline filter options will help avoid information overload!

The dropdown list under "History" currently leads to three timelines "A History of Computing", "The History of Australia" and the History of the World 1700 - 2012 .

The dropdown list under "WIP" (Work In Progress) presents timelines which are either not complete, or not yet conforming to our standard layout. Currently these include "World War One",  "The Gallipoli Campaign', "My Life" and "The Oscars".

Click on any topic in a timeline to view a popup box giving more details of the event and hyperlinks to sites with even more information.

The information in many of these timelines is sourced from Wikipedia, and the relevant pages are identified beneath the timelines.
The data was programatically converted from licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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