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History of Computing

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Selecte1Friday, 1 January 1960, 12:00:00 AMUSA<br />EUR '''ALGOL, first structured, procedural, programming language to be release
Selecte2Friday, 1 January 1960, 12:00:00 AMUK Compiler compiler, first compiler compiler is released.
Selecte3Sunday, 1 January 1961, 12:00:00 AMUSA APL programming language released by Kenneth E. IversonKenneth Iverson at IBM.
Selecte4Monday, 1 January 1962, 12:00:00 AMUK '''Atlas ComputerATLAS is completed by the University of Manchester team.''' This machine
Selecte5Monday, 1 January 1962, 12:00:00 AMUSA Work begun on the Linc, the brainchild of the M.I.T. physicist Wesley A. Clark in May 196
Selecte6Monday, 1 January 1962, 12:00:00 AMUSA '''Spacewar!, an early and highly influential computer game, is written by MIT studen
Selecte7Monday, 1 January 1962, 12:00:00 AMThe AN/UYK-1 computer was designed with rounded edges to fit through the hatch of ballistic missi
Selecte8Tuesday, 1 January 1963, 12:00:00 AMUSA '''Mouse (computing)Mouse conceived by Douglas Engelbart'''{{citation neededdate=Ju
Selecte9Wednesday, 1 January 1964, 12:00:00 AMUSA Computers built between 1964 and 1972 are often regarded as 'Third Generation' computers, the
Selecte10Wednesday, 1 January 1964, 12:00:00 AMUSA Programming language PL/I released by IBM.

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